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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Life is a Beach

Only two more days until Mollie begins kindergarten. We're still trying to squeeze out the last bits of summer before it's time to hit the books ... or whatever kindergarteners do.

We spent Saturday playing at the Santa Monica Pier. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon and the kids had a blast at Pacific Park.

Sunday afternoon, we attended a party in Malibu. Even though the surf had washed away most of the sandy beach, the kids still had a blast navigating among the smooth rocks on the shore. As the sun set, the ocean took on the beautiful pink and orange glow of the sky. I tried to chase Julian around the beach with my camera, but he was having such a wonderful time running in and out of the waves, stopping only to pitch a rock into the sea or pet a dog or to scoop up some sand in a rushed attempt to build a 3 year old's sandcastle. Getting caught up in that moment of beauty, I thought my heart might explode.


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