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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Where's My Playdate?

I've been yammering on and on (well not to you but I have been yammering to myself and to other people I swear I have) about how I'm so looking forward to September when my 5 year old will be in kindergarten all day (that's 2:30pm) and my 3 year old will be in preschool all day (that's until 1:30pm in preschool hours) and how I'll actually have some time to myself to do what I want to do with out little people following me around. Yes, for the first time in, oh say 5 years, I'll have the ability to spend at least 3.5 hours ALONE (I had to subtract drive/pick up and drop off time so that's why the numbers may not seem to jibe).

I've been dreaming of the possibilities. Grocery shopping, by myself? Visits to the gym? Tackling that gawd awful scrapbooking project that I started, oh say 5 years ago, and completely neglected and had it turn into a big rubbermaid storage box full of family photos and other crap? Paint the living room? Redecorate the house? Tile the kitchen (I've actually been thinking that it would be fun to work on mosaics even though I don't have a clue where to begin or how to do it)? Obviously, the possibilities are endless when you have 3.5 hours of time ALONE, 5 days a week!

That being said, school starts in two weeks. The kids are still enjoying the last bits and pieces of their summer vacation. Today, my 5 year old is having a playdate with one of her very best girlfriends in the whole wide world ... at the home of her very best girlfriend in the world. In fact, I just received a phone call from very best girlfriend's mother letting me know that the girls gave the dog a bath, and ended up in a bubble fight and are now in the bathtub if that's okay with me. Meanwhile, back at the ranch my 3 year old has his very best friend in the world over for a playdate. I just peeked my nose into MY BEDROOM where they're playing (please note that there are toys in every other room in the house, but for some reason my bedroom is the totally cool place to play if you're 3) and my son said, bless his little heart, "Mommy, we want some privacy." Ouch!

My daughter is thoroughly entertained somewhere else and my son is busy playing Scooby Doo with his friend and I am ... well ... I am so lonely! I think this going back to school thing is going to be a little harder than I thought!


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