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Monday, August 30, 2004

Private Schmivate ...

For a year now we've been trying to figure out where to send our daughter to kindergarten. It's been a stressful and awful experience. Where we live, there are two "excellent" public schools, neither of which is our neighborhood school. We tried all of the unofficial ins/outs to get our daughter "in," but in the end our efforts failed.

We also live in an area where many families send their children to very expensive good private schools. In fact, I've heard discussions about these schools for over two years from many of the mothers at my daughter's preschool. The school names flash into my head along with their tuitions ... $12,000/year, $16,000/year even $20,000/year. And, suddenly, 11 days before my daughter is about to enter kindergarten at our neighborhood public school, it practically falls into our lap ... the possibility that our daughter will receive a scholarship to attend one of these uppity private schools.

While I know that this would be a great experience for our daughter and that she would get a fabulous education, I have this sinking feeling in my gut. It's my own insecurity, really. It's the fact that I'll have to arrange playdates and make nice with the uppity-I-have-so-much-money, a 6,000 square foot home, three full-time nannies and spend my free time doing pilates because I have the figure of a 20 year old (with a little help from Mr. Plastic Surgeon) mother types. Sheesh.


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