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Friday, August 27, 2004


Yesterday, I received an introductory letter in the mail from my 5 year old daughter's Sunday School, which begins in about 3 weeks. It said (among other things):

  • "Students must wear clothing to Religious School that prevents all of the following from showing:

  • 1. Any underwear, including boxers, panties, bras and bra straps.

  • 2. Midriff and bellies,

  • 3. Any part of the body that should be covered by underwear but isn't.

  • In addition to appropriate dress, we are asking your assistance in insuring that your children do not speak (or text message) on their cell phones during class. Any cell phone that is on during class will be confiscated..."
Granted the Religous School does have teenage students, but this really blew me away. I mean, when I was in high school I remember the only thing parents had to worry about was covering the bare ass on "Ski Naked" t-shirts with a piece of black electrical tape!


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